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Da-Yeh Information Management


The core aspects of Bachelor and Master Degrees are designed in collaboration with Ministry of Education in Taiwan. Throughout the designed courses, students will have a variety of opportunities for hands-on work, real-life case studies, projects and contacts with companies and other organizations.

For Bachelor degree

There will be altogether 8 semesters required to complete the regular program. Students must secure a minimum of 400 scores of TOEIC and pass computer certification exams (MOCC) in the internal evaluation in order to qualify to appear in the final semester.

Teaching/Research Focuses of Bachelor degree

•Nurturing information management practitioners for manufacturing and services industries.
•Improving students¡¦ capabilities of solving business problems through a progressive internship program as well as
  a special project assignment.

Bachelor (Learning Map)

¡@ Freshman1 Freshman2 Sophomore1 Sophomore2 Junior1 Junior2 Senior1 Senior2

Required Management Course

Economics (1)

Elementary accounting(1)


Elementary accounting(1)

Information management¡@
Statistics (1)

Production management

Statistics (2)

Marketing management
Financial management Management information systems Practical service on management English business language
Required Technology Course Introduction to computer science


Programming language Object oriented programming language

Business data communication
Data structure Database management ¡@ ¡@ ¡@
Required System Integration Course Advanced commercial software application¡@ Information society & technology ethics ¡@ Systems analysis and design ¡@ Enterprise resource planning

Special topic on MIS

Elective Common Course ¡@ Managerical mathematics ¡@ ¡@ ¡@ ¡@ Special topics on information management life planning Human resource management
e-Business Course
¡@ ¡@ Accounting information systems Organization & management

Mobile commerce
Knowledge management

Customer relationship management

Internet marketing

Project management
e-Business strategies

Decision support systems

Supply chain & logistic management

Applied statistical analysis
Article intelligence

Management science

Data warehouse & data mining

Operation research

e-Commerce security

Knowledge management & organization learning
Advanced data mining

Special topic on ERP
Elective Digital Contents Course ¡@ ¡@ Multimedia systems Digital content and learning 3D Animation design Web engineering Game design Introduction to image processing
Elective IS Development Course ¡@ ¡@ Discrete mathematics LINUX operating system

Computer structure
.NET framework programming

Web technology

Special topics on database management
Software design and quality

Agent systems

Advanced programming language
Network management