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Da-Yeh Information Management


The core aspects of Bachelor and Master Degrees are designed in collaboration with Ministry of Education in Taiwan. Throughout the designed courses, students will have a variety of opportunities for hands-on work, real-life case studies, projects and contacts with companies and other organizations.

For Master degree

For Master Degree, it is a two-year program that is divided into 4 semesters. First and second semesters consist of compulsory courses, third semester has elective courses and fourth semester finishes the program with the master thesis writing.

Teaching/Research Focuses of Master degree

•Fostering information management leaders for manufacturing and services industries.
•Focusing on application-oriented and market-driven innovative research.

Master (Learning Map)

Semester(Fall/Spring) Fall Spring Fall Spring

Required Information Management Course

Research methods Advanced management information systems

Topics of electronic business
Application statistic analysis ˇ@
Required Common Course Seminar in management (1) Seminar in management (2) Seminar in management (3) Seminar in management (4)
Elective Course ˇ@e-Business ˇ@

Topic of Customer Relationship Management

Knowledge Management & Organization Management

Topic of Internet Marketing

Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Special Topic on Soft

Computing-Fuzzy Logic

Organization & management

Mobile commerce

IS Development

Electronic commerce security

Advance agent system

Topic of IS development

Advanced database management systems

Advanced software engineering

Advanced data warehousing and mining